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Collin Modahl

Dr. Modahl is a psychologist who provides a comprehensive approach to individual play and family therapy. While rooted in Cognitive Behavioral therapy, a variety of orientatives are used to meet individual and family needs. Through working in the school setting, especially administration, he learned how to meet school age client needs and collaborate with school staff. He specializes in assessment of a wide scoop of disorders and encompasses all ages in services. 

Dr. Modahl has worked in a school setting as a school psychologist for 5 years and school administration for 3 years. He was born and raised in the community and devoted to contributing to it's success. He graduated from Moorhead State University with a bachelors degree and masters degree before attending Capella University and earning his doctorate. He married his wife, Megan, in 2013 and welcomed his son, Max, in 2018. 

PsyD, Clinical Psychology

Masters in School Psychology

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